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Mother Dear

It was the winter of ninety three
When I flew home from across the eastern sea
To celebrate the home-going of a soul so dear
To share some laughs and shed a few tears
Where a story was told, that my spirit knew was true
About a vision of discovery, a vision of you

A secret was revealed that was kept close to the heart
About a branch of a tree no one wanted to part
It was a revelation of truth and realization of another
A sign of the times and worries of a teenage mother
A truth that eventually led me to you
A poignant after thought, but a chance so new

To learn of a father that I never knew
To learn of his mother, my grandmother too
To traverse life's course that led to you
To reach out and touch and know that it's true
To kiss your face with a smile so sincere
To learn I too had a Mother Dear

It was a dream realized and a life made whole
It was the end of a search and a liberation of my soul
A time was shared, no matter how short
Full of joy, love, remembrance and most of all, lost
A moment shared without regret, just some tears
A treasured memory of my Mother Dear

Written by Willie C. Robinson, Sr.


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