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Rhapsody of Rain on Tin

My mind goes back to another time and place
A time of innocence and a youthful face
To a time of wooden houses that sit on bricks
A time of Mary Janes, Marbles and waxed lips
A time just after the beginning and just before the start
A time of far flung thoughts and soaring hearts

My mind goes back to walking to Mrs. Mary's house
Scurrying through the pass like an old field mouse
Out the backdoor and down around the pass
To a small one room shack with windows of dirty glass
To very old lady with wrinkling old hands
Who had on very old clothes and stood with a bend over stance

My mind goes back to that place and time
A time of cast iron stoves and old metal chimes
To that house with cracks that wind would blow through
To yard with chickens and a mean rooster too
Where the house I would run when the storms came in
To fall asleep on the floor, listening to Rhapsody of Rain on Tin

Oh how I long to go back there once again
To see Mrs. Mary's face and feel the warmth of her skin
To feed the chickens as they run to and fro
To smell the wind as the storms begins to blow
Oh how I yearn to go back and visit my friend
To lay by her side and fall asleep to the Rhapsody of Rain on Tin

Written by Willie C. Robinson, Sr.


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