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All things on this earth have a meaning in life
Even a dying flower represents the meaning of strife
Hard to conceive such an idea as this
the realization of this comparison can cause superficial bliss
A flower stands tall like a new-found civilization
Fully-functional, powerful and ready to take acquisition
The flower is run by the process of photosynthesis
Just like a city is run by a merciless, domineering business
Then a virulent overtaking devastates the flower with abruption
Just like political leaders with evil theories that cause corruption
Poor foundation and violent abuse brings death to the flower
Just like famine, disease and malevolence cause strong nations to cower
Then the abuse has finally taken its toll
As is a broken civilization that can't fulfill its goal
A city has been described as many things, even a man's power
But never has a city been compared to something so delicate as a flower.

Written by Joshua Young


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