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Miss You

I knew the time would come for me to depart
A time when separation pierced our hearts
We knew it would happen, but didn't want to believe
But fate stepped in and now we grieve

Since then, I haven't been the same
The part of my life you once were, there is now rain
I wish I could turn back the hands of time
I'd squeeze you tight, you'd still be mine

I was carefree when you were with me
You were vital to me like the air I breathe
You just being there sustained me
My love was the key that set you free

But now things have changed, your're not here
I'm not there for you, but don't fear
When we meet again, you shall behold
A successful man with a heart of gold

Until that day comes, I say this to you
You are my boo: I love you.

Written by Joshua Young


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