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Everywhere I go, I see the same thing
The monotonous tone puts stress on my brain
Each and everyday, there's an inner fight
To be my own man and do what's right

The area is covered with gigantic trees
Coyotes and snakes roam the land with ease
Just the smell of this place and I'm sick to my stomach
Thinking of this place makes me want to vomit

The poeple here arein't any better
People kill and murder just for cheddar
Young girls with babies is common to see
Crack-heads and prostitutes run these streets

Some of these people are infested with disease
This is what happens in the country, please believe
Girls have unsafe sex, not thinking of self
Then they raise the kids without the father's help

Crack-heads go around and beg for money
They get their quick fix and beg for more money
Women use sex as a means to get dough
Some don't get paid for it, they enjoy being hoes

People think it's okay to be on welfare
They don't know that it's better things out there
To add to the monotony, it's always hot
Even when it rains, it's still hot

Life out here is truly rough and impoverished
There's no love out here in the wilderness.

Written by Joshua Young


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