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I have this feeling tht something's not right
Either I'm slow or I can't see the light
I have this feeling like I'm being played as the fool
People are cheating while I'm playing by the rules

You say on thing, but you do another
I keep hearing lies, one after the other
You call me an asshole, yet who's doing dirt
You're the one with secrets, but your feelings are hurt?!

Girl please, I'm not trying to hear that s**t
You've been deceiving for too long and I'm sick of it
I was so blind, should've known this would happen
Sex was all we had, something more was never bound to happen

You know it didn't have to end like this
We could've had something that would've been pure bliss
It's time to cut the s**t and make my own rules
I'm tired of the games and being somebodies fool.

Written by Joshua Young


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