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Look ma, I don't think you really understand
What your soft touch can do to a man
Your gentle touch sends chills through my body
Like I was wearing denim suits made by Armani
I love the way you laugh, it brings joy to my heart
I feel as though we shall never berak apart
As long as I'm here, I will always be there
To give you comfort when things don't look clear
Whenever your world is bombarded by the rain
Just give me a call and I'll come and ease your pain
I'll caress your lower back and massage your mind
With the words that I speak, effusive, benign
Let me hold you in my arms, protect you from this cruel world
You're priceless to me, more than diamonds and pearls
With us together, there's no reason for you to cry
As we embark on tis journey for the rest of our lives
The passions that I have for you are endless
Being with you fills me sheer bliss.

Written by Joshua Young


Mr. Africa Poetry Lounge