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Special Friend

These thoughtful lyrics are inspired by a girl
Hidden in plain-sight, yet she glistened like a pearl
We became acquainted by way of circumstance
I don't know if we'll go deeper, but I'll take that chance

She's sweet as honey, one of a kind
Her unique personality sends a warm chill down my spine
She's blessed with an angelic voice, laced with her own style
Her beautiful smile cna drive a man wild

Her sexy body is just... ooh, so good
It captivates my eyes, to be a part of it, I wish I could
Firm breast, sweet lips, juicy ass, and coke-bottle hips
The thought of sexing her stimulates my body to the tip

She's about her business, which gives me admiration
This poem is for her, she gave me inspiration
What we have, I hope it lasts, form now to the end
Maybe one day, she'll be more than a special friend.

Written by Joshua Young


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