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Sexual Pleasure

This girl has it all like no other
Her love is the sweetest, I put no one above her
Caramel skin, a Nubian pearl
No one puts it on me like this girl

Short, sexy, and tender, she captivates the naked eye
Love so intense, she'll make a grown man cry
Feeling is too intense as I hit it from the back
She calls my name, so I give that ass a smack

She has beautiful, small perky nips
Sexy, red-tinted strawberry lips
She likes it nice and slow or hard and quick
No matter the case, she's down to work my stick

Each time we embrace, I get a natural high
Like getting blazed, my head hits the sky
The tropical moistness hidden deep between her legs
She take my pride, makes me want to beg

I'm so addicted to her sweet nectar
Sex is incredible, what is it about her
Her love is unique and rare, like hidden treasure
This girl is the true definition of sexual pleasure.

Written by Joshua Young


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