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Midnight Love

Come away with me
I have something for you to see
Oh girl please believe
When its all said and done, you'll never want to leave

First, I'll take you to a nice private spot
Then I'll make things get hot
Slowly taking off our clothes, becoming nude
Candle lights and inscents to set the mood

My lips are searching your body for hot spots
I'll do whatever it takes to get you hot
Whatever your desire, just say the word
Are you ready to be served?

As we make that deep connection
The two of us shall become one
First it starts as physical
Then it transcends to spiritual

Your love is so sweet like candy
I can't describe what you do to me
People say I'm trippin, but I dont' care
You got me wide open, give you up, I wouldn't dare

Your body shakes as my tongue touches your hot spots
Your caramel complexion is making me hot
The time is now, it begins
Who knows where we'll stop or where we'll end

As I go deep inside you, I know for sure
That there is no other, your love is pure
Anything you need, you can have it
Anyway you want it, you can get it

Its like our love transformed us, were brand new
Here in the private spot with the ocean view
Calmed by gently by the presence of a white dove
It was a perfect night for midnight love.

Written by Joshua Young


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