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Can I Know You

I want to know you
Not just the physical, sexual side, but the real you
I want to know what makes you laugh, smile, what makes you sad, what makes you cry
I want to explore everything that lies deep inside

I want to know your heart, what makes it beat
I want to your fears, what makes you afraid
I want to know you insecurities, what makes you weak
I want to know your personality, what makes you unique

I'm not a thug that totes pistols or a pimp trying to abuse you
I'm not a thief trying to steal anything from you
Nor a womanizer that takes what is wanted then leaves you
But I am young black man that respects the very being of a woman
And I'm not using my lyrical creativity to boast to a woman

Instead, I'm using my these lyrics to reveal the other side of me, my sensitive side, my inner beauty
In hopes that you will show your inner beauty, your sensitive side
And that you realize that I don't want to know you because of your looks or material possessions
But I want to know you, the whole you, the real you

Who are you? This is the question that plagues my mind
Just as who am I is the question that plagues your mind
I that you have many questions about me, but time will reveal everything about me to you
Then there shall be no confusion, misguidance, or misdirection
But I only have one question; can I know you?

Written by Joshua Young


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