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Words We Use

This lyric is aabout the words we use
Some of the words use depict us as fools
Often we are unaware of what we say
Our words can make people come and make people turn away

People say they love, but they really son't
People say they will, but you know they won't
People speak with their minds and not with their hearts
Words can build, but they can also tear apart

We use the word nigga, yet we know its definition
To still use this word as "brotherly love", what is your intention
Our word usage is sad, our mouths put us in trouble
Either watch what you say or you could lose double

We disrespect women by calling them out of their name
We use such words that bring them shame
We need to use words that express gratitude for them
Our words can uplift and they can condemn

Consider this a message, be careful of what you say
To avoid drama, think about what you're going to say
Someting valuable is at stake, your life you could lose
Overall, watch the words that you use.

Written by Joshua Young


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