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I can't explain how it happened
Once she blew by, I was left stranded
I never know something like this could happen so fast
After all this time, I still can't explain, so don't ask

She showed her face one calm summer night
Classy, elegant, beautiful, and polite
The harmony of her winds captured my soul
Just a cover up to hide the untold

It began as just a gentle breeze
Then the temperature began to drop, started to freeze
She embraced me with a single snowflake
My very foundation began to bend and quake

The winds picked up speed, became turbulent
The situation esculated to become urgent
Snowflakes turned to hail then began to pour down
I was then trapped in a storm with no one around

The storm overpowered me, rocked me to and fro
Tried to escape, but she was in control
The storm toppled me strong, hard and violent
Her winds howled passionately, then came silence

The storm passed as quickly as it came
She went from polite and gentle to wild and untamed
Once it was over, she vanished without a trace
It was as if the storm never took place

She came without caution or warning
How she did me left me in mourning
I can't believe, in the midst of it all, there was something there
But when a storm's coming, it's hard to prepare.

Written by Joshua Young


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