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The dreams that I have are so undescribable
Nothing ever affected me like this, its unbelievable
When the lights go out, that's when the dream begins
I imagine of golden skies with blue rose bields
I see something hidden within the hills
As I journey forth the image becomes clear
At my journey's end, my eyes behold
A young black women, her beauty untold
Golden hair, brown eyes and red-tinted lips
Firm breast with perfect coke-bottle hips
Her sexy smile could brighten any man's day
How that body moved when she walked had me in a daze
She then summoned me and I couldn't resist
I held her closely then passionately, we kissed
Our connection sent a warm breeze through my body
The energy between me brought a rise out me
The mood was perfect, so peaceful and sirene
She opened up to me and I slid in between
She locked on tight as I drove deep inside
Her moan of satisfaction disrupted the quiet skies
The love was so intense and exquisite
Our souls became estatic as we journeyed through bliss
We continued to share our love as she was soaking wet
I wish it lasted longer, but came the final step
I felt lifeless as the energy left my body
And flowed through hers like a river from a valley
This buzzing in my ear caused me to awake hot and sweating
I shall never again have a dream like this equivalent to Heaven.

Written by Joshua Young


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