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The Buddha said, "To love is Dhukka."
I pondered this one, how can love be suffering?
Some said, it is better to have loved and lost than never loved at all".
Hmm, interesting I wondered.
With time I lived with wanting to love and be loved,
Darn if I lose it, darn the pain because pain drips honey sweetness.
But my heart is breaking right now.
My heart is dissolving away piece by piece.
The pain has no sweet flavour,
The pain has no mercy.
The pain is making me weak, making me cry.
Oh the pain is so bad so bad so bad, why??
I finally realise the Buddha is right.
Love does bring suffering.
Love does bring pain.
Love does bring anger.
Love does bring weakness.
Love used to be strength but now it is weakness.
When can this pain go away?
Can I truly love again?
Do I ever want to love again?
Can I trust love again?
The pain is so bad so bad so bad, why??
My heart will never be the same again.
It is truly better not to have loved at all.
No love thus no more pain no more suffering because
At the moment the pain hurts so bad.

Written by Zappy Lady


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