Welcome to MrAfrica Poetry Lounge. Here you can indulge in poetry that is written by amateur and famous black poets from around the world. Established in 2001, we have had the pleasure of showcasing thousands of poets. Nearly 23 years later, our mission still is the same, as we continue to uplift another generation of poets and poetry lovers.

Site Update...

Good afternoon.... Can't believe that in a few weeks summer will officially be upon us on June 21st... Make a brother want to get out the grill and host a few friends. With that, there is more poetry for all to intake. Delighted to be showcasing seven famous poets of the present and past. Brother Ted Joans brought joy to all and was a lover of jazz. Through his poetry one can feel the passion he had for that music genre. TJ black poems; Natural, The Hat, Untitled, Jazz Anatomy, Miss-Meat-Me, Bang Baby Bang, Le Fou de Bamba, The Black Jazz Smile, Empty Inside Outside, and So Fortunately Unfortunately. There is also the talented writer Jacqueline Woodson. Known for her National Book Award-Winning memoir Brown Girl Dreaming, the sister went on to author over 21 novels, 12 picture books, one memoir, and a plethora of poetry. Sit back and do enjoy JW black poetry; soon, after, hope, daywork, bible times, the blanket, the leavers, each winter, two journeys, the candy lady, what god knows, the almost friends, brown girl dreaming, the woodsons of ohio, and it'll be scary sometimes. No longer with us, Ntozake Shange still warms the hearts of those who enjoy poetry. I want all to take the time to read over more of her work. One of a kind, and to this day those within the black arts community miss such a kindred soul. NS black poems; tango, live oak, box & pole, lady in blue, the old men, lady in blue II, lady in brown, 18 march 1984, an actual poem, in the blueness, 7 tequilas gone, take the A train, hands & holding, dream of pairing, never mind sister, latin night is monday, rise up fallen fighters, we need a god who bleeds now, once there were quadroon balls, and just as the del vikings stole my heart.

To my surprise the late great Toni Morrison also had a thing for poetry. I'm honored to share the five poems she published; one has to wonder if there is more out there. TM black poetry: Eve Remembering, I Am Not Seaworthy, It Comes Unadorned, Someone Leans Near, and The Perfect Ease of Grain. More than ever, we need to start acknowledging those who paved the way for this new crop of talented writers. Alice Walker is one we should give her flowers now. More of this poet's work has been added. I hope she inspires one to pick up a pen, and release upon a poetic canvas. AW poems: RICH, IN US, TOLD, EVEN SO, VASILISA, Our Martyr, YOU CAME, SOMETIMES, ENCOUNTERING, I WILL NOT DENY, YOU'D BE SURPRISED, Before I Leave The Stage, The World We Want Is Us, LOVE IS THAT GIANT BAG, The Tree Of Life Has Fallen, and WATCHING YOU HOLD YOUR HATRED.

Have a new poet I would like to put before your eyes, and he goes by the name E. Ethelbert Miller. Baseball lovers will enjoy the following poems, as Americans favorite pastime has been part of his life since childhood. EEM black poetry; Baldwin, Beloved, Wild Pitch, The Trade, Rain Delay, The Walkoff, Barry Bonds, The Playoffs, The Pitch Out, Port-Au-Prince, The Knuckleball, The Pitch Count, Old Timer's Day, Looking for Omar, The Boys of Summer, If God Invented Baseball, Juan, Willie and The Boys, Malcolm X, February 1965, The Things in Black Men's Closets, and The Ear is an Organ Made for Love... Before I wrap this up, we have Arna Bontemps. One of the originals, and years later another generation gets to bathe within Bontemps literature. AB black poems; Hope, Dirge, Blight, Holiday, Spring Music, A Tree Design, The Shattering, Here Is the Sea, and Length of Moon...

As we get ready for Juneteenth, cookouts, good music, and great times with family that only summer can bring.let it fuel your creativity. Take in the great poets and allow them to inspire your summertime pen. Happy reading and writing. Have a nice day. Mr. Africa - June 2, 2023

Good-afternoon everyone. Seems like Spring has arrived and so many of us shall now get to enjoy mother nature on a daily basis. Yes, spending more time outside instead of being enclosed inside. Well, Black History month may have ended but our history is embedded in every month. April brings the anniversary of historic events in the life of Dr. Martin L. King Jr. In April of 1963, he was arrested for protesting in Birmingham, Alabama, and while in jail he wrote "Letter From a Birmingham Jail". Five years later, on April 3, 1968, he gave his last speech entitled "I've Been to the Mountaintop". Sadly, on April 4, 1968, Dr. King Jr was assassinated.

Our Spring updates include more poems from three very talented and beautiful soul sisters. First up there is Amanda Gorman. So young yet this young lady has already accomplished a lot. So delighted to share more of her work. AG black poems; LUCENT, WE WRITE, RESOLUTE, BACK TO THE PAST, and EVERY DAY WE ARE LEARNING. Next, there is the one and only Jill Scott. One of the first singers to highlight Neo Soul on the national scene. Not only known for her vocals but Miss Scott also happens to be a poet. JS black poetry; Caution, Pocket-Size #1, Kings at Clubs?, Revolutionary Man, and Untitled #2 (for MTV Black History Month 2001). Grammy award-winning and multiplatinum singer Alicia Keys still is going strong after all these years in the music industry. Many don't realize Keys, just like so many musicians are poets at heart. More of AK black poetry; angel, 4 letter word, such a strong word, no room for religion, and when gone is the glory. There is also an update in the 'Famous Writers' section. There has been an addition to Robert Hayden's collection. Little known fact, Mr. Hayden was the first Black faculty member in Michigan's English department. Also, he served as Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress from 1976 to 1978, a role today known as US Poet Laureate. RH black poems; Letter, Ice Storm, Double Feature, Traveling through Fog, and Night, Death, Mississippi.

Some good news, We have added a new area where you can find out more about your favorite poet. This section includes a short bio of the poet as well as contact information. It's divided, so there is a male and female section. After all these years, so many of you requested more info on a given poet, I just had to add this to our ever-growing poetry site. 22 years later, and we are losing count. -Smile-

Attention!! Attention!! - If you are a past poet that has been featured on the site previously, feel free to send a short bio and contact information to: Staff@Ctadams.com.

If you are an aspiring poet, we would also like to hear from you as well. Please submit 5 poems, a bio, and contact information to: NewPoet@Ctadams.com.

Note: One may want to read over the current poets' bios, to get familiar with what we are asking from you.

As always, it's my pleasure to continue to share old and new discoveries of our Black culture with you all. Happy Spring! Mr. Africa - April 6, 2023

Good Afternoon everyone. February has gotten off to a great start. It's nice to see this country recognize those who are of African descent. With it being Black History Month, I want to encourage all to research and seek knowledge when it comes to the accomplishments of our ancestors. Now it's time to roll out the update. Our poetic sister Stormy Nyghts has returned. This talented writer has a passion for poetry, and like so many of her peers she has the ability to tell a story literally. SN poems: Arrogant, (Untitled), Thank You, Staying Power, and My Heart Beats. Then we have Brother Everett Lacey who has been living and breathing poetry for over 20 years and counting. One would be surprised how poetry itself has changed the lives of many for the good, as daily there is someone allowing the ink to flow upon a poetic canvas. EV poems; EXCUSES, PROM NIGHT, Deep, AMOROUSLY INSPIRED , and A Tribute To Dr. Mary McCloud Bethune.

Glad to be able to share more of the great Angela Jackson's work. This writer has seen it all and continues to enrich the poetic community. Bestowed with the honor of being the fifth Illinois Poet Laureate, Ms Jackson has published a novel, and is heavy into the playwriting. AG poetry; Bills, Love Plots, Vacant Lot, A Hot Mess, Club DeLisa, A Girl's Folly, Knock, knock., God don't like ugly., Emancipation Proclamation, Going Straight on the Right, Goodness to Its Own Reward, The House on Wentworth Avenue, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder., Is this the breeding ground for bitterness?, and What She Said as She Was Grinding Her Up. Hailing from the UK, but a native of Guyana, Poet Grace Nichols has inspired those of Caribbean descent. An avid reader of history, among other genres, Grace's poetry routinely touches base on the life of an islander, and kinship the within the communities. Take some time to peek inside her world. GN poems; Black, Omen, Grease, Waterpot, Book-heart, Skin-Teeth, A Fat Poem, Other Ships, Sleeping Out, Up My Spine, Those Women, Sun Is Laughing, Winter Thoughts, My Black Triangle, Give Yourself a Hug, The People Could Fly, Price We Pay for the Sun, Granny Granny Please Comb My Hair, The Fat Black Woman's Instructions to a Suitor, and Two Old Black Men on a Leicester Square Park Bench. May this Black History Month continue to inspire you to deeper knowledge of the culture and empower you to greater heights. Have a productive week. Mr. Africa - February 15, 2023

Good Afternoon everyone. Fall is upon us, and with it comes the opportunity to discover poetry that will comfort the soul. With that beautiful intro, I'm glad to be showcasing a few returning famous poets. This sister needs no introduction; in 2022 Alicia Keys is one of many singers who have embraced and had a relationship with poetry. I do wish that Mrs. Keys would release another poetry book, but until that happens, feel free to read over more of her old literature. AK black poems; golden child, unfulfilled keys, lady malasuerte, lilly of the valley, and love with a shot of distance. We are also delighted to post more of Patricia Smith work. This sister also can be found on stage. She's very active on the National scene, and routinely participating in poetry slams. PS black poems; Medusa, Undertaker, Always in the Head, They Romp with Wooly Canines, and The Sun, Mad Envious, Just Wants the Moon.

Influenced by a wide range of 20th-century poets, from W.B. Yeats to Countee Cullen this brother went on to become a professor and later penned the famous poem "Those Winter Sundays". Even today Robert Hayden lives on through poetry, and the thousands upon thousands of people whom he has inspired to pick up a pen. RH Black poetry; Tour 5, Names., Sphinx, The Web, The Rabbi, The Whipping, The Prisoners, Theory of Evil, Crispus Attucks, The Broken Dark, The Tattooed Man, Paul Laurence Dunbar, "As My Blood Was Drawn", "Incense of the Lucky Virgin", and "'Mystery Boy' Looks for Kin in Nashville"... Author of four books of poetry, and winner of numerous awards, Poet Tracy K. Smith is leaving her mark on literature. Part of this new generation of writers, this sister words continue to be felt by those who love this art-form. TKS black poetry; In Brazil, Mothership, I Don't Miss It, A Man's World, and We Feel Now A Largeness Coming On.

This poet is a prime example that one can become a better person after spending time in prison. While there Etheridge Knight expressed himself through poetry, and was able to capture prison experiences in an unprecedented way. Years later after being released he went on to release five books of poetry. EK black poems; GENESIS, MEMO #9, MEMO #43, ON THE YARD, COP-OUT SESSION, IT WAS A FUNKY DEAL, FOR LANGSTON HUGHES, REPORT TO THE MOTHER, HE SEES THROUGH STONE, FOR FRECKLE-FACED GERALD, And Tell Me Poet, Can Love Exist In Slavery?, FOR BLACK POETS WHO THINK OF SUICIDE, On Seeing The BlackMmale As 1# Sex Object In America, A POEM FOR MYSELF (or Blues for a Mississippi Black Boy), and On Watching Politicians Perform At Martin Luther King's America. With that it's nice to see more brothers sending poems our way. Over the years quite of few of them have went on to self publish books. Everett Lacey who has been writing for years, have a few poems one shall enjoy reading over. EL black poetry; PRETTY GIRL, AN INTRODUCTION, AFRICAN JOY JUICE II, "NOT YET 'FREE AT LAST"', and "THE WORLD IS A GHETTO". Can't forget our African brother Patrick K. Antwi. A Ghanaian by birth, this school teacher also has a passion for poetry. I want to encourage more of my sisters and brothers living on the continent of Africa to share their words via poetry with us. PKA black poetry; Nature, Sunrise, The Ant Hill, Hundred Percent, and Fruit of the Fathers, Sins of the Sons. We love giving new poets a platform; please feel free to send poetry so that we can share your pen can be shared with readers. As the seasons continue to change in the last quarter of the year, you can count on us to continue to supply you with poetry that feeds the soul. Have a nice day. Mr. Africa - November 1, 2022

Good afternoon everyone. To my delight the site continues to grow, and with that I only ask one favor of all. If you know of a famous poet we have yet to list, feel free to drop us a note. As you can see, the last few updates of the Famous Writers has added quite a few poets. This go around we have decided to feature UK based writer Benjamin Zephaniah. This brother is part of the Rastafari movement; his writings fall under a genre known as dub poetry; Ageism, Cybersex, Tax Relief, Neighbours, No Problem, White Comedy, Parents Today, De Queen an I, City River Blues, Homeward Bound, Heckling Miss Lou, Walking Black Home, Save Our Sons (SOS), The Angry Black Poet, and To Be Seen, To Be Done. Benjamin continues to fight against racial prejudice and disrespectful attitudes in Great Britain; he is that voice, and pen, for Blacks who have no say so in society. This sister who is widely known for the Novel Dessa Rose, also happened to release a poetry book. Like so many intellectuals of the time, it seems Sherley Anne Williams never allowed her ink to run dry. You will see, after reading over the following pieces, that no matter the person, one goes through the motions. Yes indeed, that is part of life. SAW black poems; Flo Show, I see my life, Say Hello to John, A Pavonine Truth, Listen to the drum, If he let us go now, The Peacock Song, Any Woman's Blues, This a Rap on Yo Do', c/o Ambush     c/o Mike, A Walk into the Soft Soft, Communion in a Small Room, For Ronald King Our Brother, Blues is Something to Think About, Lines between Seekonk and Fairhaven, and This Is a Sad-Ass Poem for a Black Woman, etc..

The Motherland has birthed so many greats, and I'm here sharing some of Nigerian novelist, poet, professor, and critic Chinua Achebe black poetry; 1966, Flying, Answer, Lazarus, Vultures, Air Raid, Question, Love Cycle, The First Shot, Generation Gap, Mango Seedling, Their Idiot Song, Knowing Robs Us, Misunderstanding, A Wake for Okigbo, Pine Tree in Spring, Penalty of Godhead, Love Song (for Anna), Beware, Soul Brother, Christmas in Biafra (1969), Public Execution in Pictures, and A Mother in a Refugee Camp. A man whose first novel "Things Fall Apart" is still the most widely read book in modern African literature. Such a character, and poet who just loved his people. Up next, the poetess Stormy Nyghts. If one is a lover of words, than do intake her flow; Attraction, Love Letter, ghetto reality, Dance With the Devil, and Solitude (Ode to Billie Holiday). I'm so happy to see my people picking up a pen. Do know, this art-form embraces every creed/race with love. Before I head out, we have Pauli Murry. A civil rights activist, feminist, and one of the first who had status to push for gender equality. The sister lived an interesting life, and also became the first African-American woman to be ordained as an Episcopal priest. If you get a chance, do look her up. PM black poems; Hate, Ruth, Words, For Pan, Tongues, Conquest, Prophecy, Nazarene, A Presence, Youth to Age, Without Name, Love in Wartime, Woman and Man, Dinner for Three, Harlem Riot, 1943, To the Oppressors, For Mack C. Parker, The Song of the Highway, To Poets Who Have Rebelled, and Mr. Roosevelt Regrets (DETROIT RIOT, 1943). Poetry is an art form that is always evolving just relevant in any period that it is read; may the poets continue to tell our story, and inform our perspective. Have a nice day. Mr. Africa - September 1, 2022

Good afternoon everyone. The seasons will be changing soon in weather, and life; poetry is a wonderful constant amidst change. On that note, the first poet I have for all, happens to be the late Pan-Africanist W.E.B. Du Bois. Not many realize this great intellectual also enjoyed writing poems. Have a few minutes, do go ahead and read over the following pieces: SUEZ, Unrest, Untitled, STRIVING, Black Men, EL DORADO., AVA! MARIA!, The Quadroon, GHANA CALLS, In God's Gardens, The Song of the Smoke, My Country 'Tis of Thee, THE WOMAN IN BLACK., THE SONG OF AMERICA., and A HYMN TO THE PEOPLES. There is more Gil Scott-Heron poetry, as even in death, this man's words continue to educate and inspire generations of people. GSH black poems; CANE, SPIRITS, BRIDGING, LADY'S SONG, IS THAT JAZZ?, THOUGHT OUT, THE NEW DEAL, PAINT IT BLACK, BLACK HISTORY, GIVE HER A CALL, TUSKEEGEE #626, PIECES OF A MAN, BILLY GREEN IS DEAD, and A TOAST TO THE PEOPLE... To my delight, I keep finding more writers who experienced the Harlem Renaissance. One of those people happen to be Mae V. Cowdery. While in high school this brilliant poet also co-founded a literary Magazine, Black Opals. During the late 1920s, Mae established her reputation by being published in journals, magazines, and anthologies. MVC black poetry; Goal, Lamps, Insatiate, Heritage, If I Must Know, The Young Voices Cry, Lines to a Sophisticate, and Some Hands Are Lovelier.

Writer Ida Rowland was also a part of the movement. She was not only a poet, but a Distinguished educator who enjoyed teaching kids. This sister later, on in life, would establish a company which published books for Black Children. Enjoy reading over some of IR black poems; Autumn, Our Heritage, Autumn Evening, Lines to a Friend, and Wind among Leaves. The poet Edythe Mae Gordon also participated in the Harlem Renaissance; like some fellow peers, she organized an African-American literary group which would be known as, Saturday Evening Quill Club. She was also a brilliant storyteller. Subversion was published in 1928; it was listed among that year's distinguished stories by the O. Henry Award prize committee, which at the time rarely noticed works by non-white authors. Feel free to intake EMG words; Tribute, Elysium, Worship, April Night, Young Love, Buried Deep, I Understand, and Let Your Rays. The man, a genius who happens to be James Baldwin, still resonates within the literary community. Not one literature lover can claim to have never taken the time to engulf themselves this man words. One of the greatest writers of all time, I do encourage each one of you - to read line for line while viewing the following black poems; For A., YOUTH, For EARL, PARADISE, Imagination, Judgment Day, The darkest hour, Mirrors (for David), Black Girl Shouting, A Lover's Question, BALLAD (for Yoran), 3.00 a.m. (for David), Some days (for Paula), Guilt, Desire and Love, Song For The Shepherd Boy, Conundrum (on my birthday) (for Rico), and A lady like landscapes (for Simone Signoret). There is always a lot going on in the world; allow poetry to continue to be a light to your soul. Have a nice week. Mr. Africa - August 8, 2022

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