Welcome to MrAfrica Poetry Lounge. Here you can indulge in poetry that is written by amateur and famous black poets from around the world. Established in 2001, we have had the pleasure of showcasing thousands of poets. Nearly 22 years later, our mission still is the same, as we continue to uplift another generation of poets and poetry lovers.

Site Update...

Good afternoon everyone. The seasons will be changing soon in weather, and life; poetry is a wonderful constant amidst change. On that note, the first poet I have for all, happens to be the late Pan-Africanist W.E.B. Du Bois. Not many realize this great intellectual also enjoyed writing poems. Have a few minutes, do go ahead and read over the following pieces: SUEZ, Unrest, Untitled, STRIVING, Black Men, EL DORADO., AVA! MARIA!, The Quadroon, GHANA CALLS, In God's Gardens, The Song of the Smoke, My Country 'Tis of Thee, THE WOMAN IN BLACK., THE SONG OF AMERICA., and A HYMN TO THE PEOPLES. There is more Gil Scott-Heron poetry, as even in death, this man's words continue to educate and inspire generations of people. GSH black poems; CANE, SPIRITS, BRIDGING, LADY'S SONG, IS THAT JAZZ?, THOUGHT OUT, THE NEW DEAL, PAINT IT BLACK, BLACK HISTORY, GIVE HER A CALL, TUSKEEGEE #626, PIECES OF A MAN, BILLY GREEN IS DEAD, and A TOAST TO THE PEOPLE... To my delight, I keep finding more writers who experienced the Harlem Renaissance. One of those people happen to be Mae V. Cowdery. While in high school this brilliant poet also co-founded a literary Magazine, Black Opals. During the late 1920s, Mae established her reputation by being published in journals, magazines, and anthologies. MVC black poetry; Goal, Lamps, Insatiate, Heritage, If I Must Know, The Young Voices Cry, Lines to a Sophisticate, and Some Hands Are Lovelier.

Writer Ida Rowland was also a part of the movement. She was not only a poet, but a Distinguished educator who enjoyed teaching kids. This sister later, on in life, would establish a company which published books for Black Children. Enjoy reading over some of IR black poems; Autumn, Our Heritage, Autumn Evening, Lines to a Friend, and Wind among Leaves. The poet Edythe Mae Gordon also participated in the Harlem Renaissance; like some fellow peers, she organized an African-American literary group which would be known as, Saturday Evening Quill Club. She was also a brilliant storyteller. Subversion was published in 1928; it was listed among that year's distinguished stories by the O. Henry Award prize committee, which at the time rarely noticed works by non-white authors. Feel free to intake EMG words; Tribute, Elysium, Worship, April Night, Young Love, Buried Deep, I Understand, and Let Your Rays. The man, a genius who happens to be James Baldwin, still resonates within the literary community. Not one literature lover can claim to have never taken the time to engulf themselves this man words. One of the greatest writers of all time, I do encourage each one of you - to read line for line while viewing the following black poems; For A., YOUTH, For EARL, PARADISE, Imagination, Judgment Day, The darkest hour, Mirrors (for David), Black Girl Shouting, A Lover's Question, BALLAD (for Yoran), 3.00 a.m. (for David), Some days (for Paula), Guilt, Desire and Love, Song For The Shepherd Boy, Conundrum (on my birthday) (for Rico), and A lady like landscapes (for Simone Signoret). There is always a lot going on in the world; allow poetry to continue to be a light to your soul. Have a nice week. Mr. Africa - August 8, 2022

Good afternoon everyone. As we continue to enjoy summer celebrations that bring family together, poetry is always a welcomed addition. From the motherland Sierra Leonean poet Gladys May Casely-Hayford was a sister of many talents. She was a poet, dancer, and could speak multiple languages. She even for a brief time, lived here in the USA. One of the better known female poets during Harlem Renaissance, she inspired so many. GSH black poetry; Poem, Lullaby, A Poem, Mammy, Nativity, Creation, Baby Cobina, The Serving Girl, and bnThe Palm Wine Seller. Then there is Alvira Hazzard, who was born in North Brookfield, Massachusetts. Few details can be known about this poet, but through her poetry, she seemed to have lived an interesting life. AV black poems; Beyond, The Penitent, Predestination, and To My Grandmother. Well, Dorothy Vena Johnson was an educator and poet based in Los Angeles, California. In 1939, the sister co-founded The League of Allied Arts, an African-American women's Arts organization. A true warrior, Dorothy always found time to pen poetry. Do enjoy intaking her words literally; Jerked to God, Ode to Justice, and Crystal Shreds.

Next, we have Beatrice M. Murphy. This poet is known for being the founder of the Negro Bibliographic and Research Center as well as the editor of its journal, "Bibliographic Survey: The Negro in Print". During this time, this sister enriched the lives of so many. BMM black poetry; Waste, Hatred, Release, and The Parting. On to Grace Vera Postles who was an active member, and serve as secretary for the poetry club: Saturday Evening Quill. Her poetry can be found in the club's journal from 1928-1930. Not much more can be found about this writer, but I for one have enjoyed reading over her work; The Scar, In Winter, Moonlight, Sans Words, The Prisoner, Golden Sorrow, A Lighted Candle, and The Blue Ridge Mts.. Now, I would like to introduce the poetess Tajamia Terry. The sister's flow is unique, as it's nice to see one create thy own style when it comes to writing. TJ black poems; frosted, Embrace, change fate, A girl with a Story, and why my heart cries. I'm calling upon all poets, step up and submit some of your poetry. Know that so many writers, started here, and have gone on to bigger and better things within literature world. Before I wrap this up, I'm delighted to share more of Esther Popel's work; Theft, Credo, Bagatelle, Ditch-Digger, Little Grey Leaves, Night Comes Walking, and Reach Down, Sweet Grass. This poet wrote and edited for magazines such as: The Crisis, the Journal of Negro Education, and Opportunity. It is an honor to be able to spend time with the literature of those that came before us, as they have shaped the writers of today. Through poetry we learn, are comforted, inspired, entertained, and uplifted. Have a wonderful literary day. Mr. Africa - July 4, 2022

Good afternoon everyone. Summer is in full swing, and it's a great time for family, sharing, and of course good poetry. This week poets will make you want to pick up a pen and start flowing. With that, there is Neo Soul Singer Jill Scott. Her music is universally loved, and poetry also has a piece of JS's heart. In 2005, she released a poetry book. It was well received by the masses, and it's great to be able to share some of her poems; Life, Envy, Music, Words, Selfish, Radio Blues, We the People, A Poet's Home, Old School Lovin', It's the Little Things, Dis Niggah (for Leslie), Untitled #1 (Love Sucks), Perms, Hot Combs, and Curlers, The Downfall of a North Philly Freak, and Young Buck Lovin' on the Kitchen Floor. If you are feeling the vibe, do head over to Amazon and pick up a copy of; "The Moments, the Minutes, the Hours: The Poetry of Jill Scott". Our second poet is Nikky Finney. Like many of the current greats, this talented writer is also a professor. She spent over 20 years at the University of Kentucky, and currently holds down the position of, Jr. Chair in Southern Letters and Literature at University of South Carolina. NF has been a mentor to many and has taken the time to uplift black creative writers with workshops in conjunction with Cave Canem - Home of Black Poetry. Enjoy reading over Nikky black poems; Heirloom, I Feel Good, The Clitoris, The Aureole, O' Noblesse O', Sign Language, The Afterbirth, 1931, The Girlfriend's Train, The Condoleezza Suite [Excerpt], and The Lyric Theatre: Lyceum of Dreams.

The first person to be named National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman, jumped onto the scene when she was chosen to recite a poem at the inauguration of President Joe Biden. Since then, the sister has won a few awards: the Genius Grant from OZY Media, as well as recognition from Scholastic Inc., YoungArts, the Glamour magazine College Women of the Year Award, Poets & Writers Barnes & Noble Writers for Writers Award, and the Webby Awards. Take the time to view AM black poetry; LIFE, & SO, CALL US, ALARUM, CLOSURE, COMPASS, GOOD GRIEF, SCHOOL'S OUT, THE SHALLOWS, ARBORESCENT I, SHIP'S MANIFEST, THE HILL WE CLIMB, THE UNORDINARY WORLD, PRACTICE MAKES PEOPLE, and THERE'S NO POWER LIKE HOME. Before I get out of here, I have to big ups my poetic brother Jonathan Grayson. His poetry seems to be on the personal tip, as more men need not be afraid to show emotion. JG poetic pieces; Poison by Culture, She Stole My Innocence, I thought you were a friend, A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste, and You Hate Me for no Apparent Reason. Well Juneteenth is around the corner. I want all to take time to research this special holiday. It's important to know why this nation is finally recognizing it, and understand as a community we must do our part. Never allow this country to forget and continue to teach our youth the real history of America. So, with that, stay bless my fellow poets. Mr. Africa - June 9, 2022

Good afternoon everyone. Like so many, I have been enjoying mother nature, as it's always nice to spend time outside of the house. Simply walking around your neighborhood can do wonders for ones' health and outlook on life. With that being said, in this update I'll be introducing more female poets who were part of the Harlem Renaissance. To my surprise, there are so many who flew under the radar; by me digging deeper into that period I'm now able to share their poetry with all. First up, we have Anita Scott Coleman. Never residing in Harlem, NY, her work speaks volume of what many writers inspired to be during that time. This talented sister published stories, essays, and poems which appeared in national magazines such as: The Messenger, Opportunity, Journal of Negro Life, The Half-Century Magazine, The Competitor, and The Crisis. ASC black poems; Wisdom, Antidote, Wash Day, Black Baby, Portraiture, Black Faces, The Colorist, Negro Laughter, Of Growing Older, and On Being Taken for Granted. Then there is Alice E. Furlong. Unlike many of her peers, there is little known about this writer other than being one of the founding members of the Saturday Evening Quill in Boston, A group of Black writers. You will see that Alice's theme in regards to poems usually reflected a broken heart. AEF black poetry; Suicide, Awaiting, Possession, Destruction, Unfulfillment, Laurel Leaves, The Sea's Warning, Riches and Poverty, and When Love Is Laid Away. Like her fellow poets, Virginia Houston seem to shine during the Harlem Renaissance. She was published quite often and could be found in The Crisis and Opportunity from 1929-1931. VH black poems; Query, Interim, Ecstasty, Fugit Amor, Class Room, Troubadour, and Recapitulation.

A playwright, educator, actress, poet and stage director, Gertrude P. McBrown was a woman determine to leave an imprint on this world. The poetess taught dramatic arts at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical College, and regularly was featured in the various magazines and literary journals such as: Popular Educator, Opportunity, International Poetry Magazine, Black Opals, Phylon, and Negro Women's World. Some of GPM black poetry; Lost, Flights, Unseen, Fire-Flies, Full Moon, Sunset Calm, Purple Dawn, Love Not Fame, Two Worshipers, and Jehovah's Gesture. Many of you have heard of Cave Canem, the literature organization Founded by Toi Derricotte and Cornelius Eady. For nearly 26 years the two have enriched and uplifted African-American poets. For more info, regarding their mission check out the official website; CC - A Home For Black Poetry (------

Now on to the late Ted Joans. To my surprise, I never realize Jazz poetry was so deep and glad to see poets acknowledging this music genre. The likes of Amiri Baraka, Sterling Brown, and Langston Hughes have penned such pieces. Hope you enjoy reading over TJ jazz infused flow; THE TRUTH, "The Sax Bit", ONE BLUE NOTE, JAZZ IS MY RELIGION, and I, Too, at the Beginning. After all these years one of the site fan favorites have returned. Sister Anesa Laneigh has 7 new poems for all to intake; Essence of Jazz, Soulmate-4-Life, Love Blossomed, Black Superman, Here's to Our Forever, Nothing...Just Growth, and Love's Mental Alchemy. Also, too my delight, she recently released a poetry book entitled; "Broken Silence: A Woman's Roar" (------ Joining the crowd Denzel James decided to submit a few pieces; Regrets, Love People, Hurt and Healed, I Want To Dream, and The Next Time I See You. Me and this brother go back a few years; I never knew he was into this art-form like that. Just like our poetic sister, he too has published a poetry book: "The Cycle: A Journey Through Love", etc. (------ Let's support our Authors!! Wrapping this up, like I have said many times, do continue to uplift the next generation of black poets. Have a bless day. Mr. Africa - May 21, 2022

Good afternoon, everyone. Every generation has voices that will speak to their time and their voices will eventually transcend time. Just as Phyllis Wheatly, Maya Angelou, and Langston Hughes would show us life in their era, they would give us transcending wisdom. Today we are seeing the emergence of Black Poets that are speaking for this era; they are the new greatness that will continue the legacy of dynamic Black Poetry. One of the poetic voices of this era is Jericho Brown. This Louisiana born writer happens to be the recipient of fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation, the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard, and the National Endowment for the Arts, and he is the winner of the Whiting Award. Do enjoy his poetry; Odd Jobs, Vaccinated, Heart Condition, Track 1: Lush Life, and Prayer of the Backhanded. There also is Angela Jackson. A playwright, and novelist based in Chicago, Illinois. She became Illinois Poet Laureate in 2020. Has already inspired so many poets, and her words will soothe one's poetic soul. AJ poems; Angel, Strolling, Angelhair, The Gulf of Blues, and Miz Rosa Rides the Bus. Also doing her part, we have Vievee Francis who is currently an associate professor of English and Creative Writing at Dartmouth College. Like so many of the greats, she is a master of wordplay. VF poetry; Taking It, Inevitability, Given to Rust, Beast and Beauty, and Like Jesus to the Crows. Detroit, born poet Tyehimba Jess has been on the scene for a while now. Already acknowledge by his peers, this writer happens to also be the Assistant Professor of English at College of Staten Island. A poetry slam veteran, I do encourage one to stop, and just feel his flow; Mercy, What Marked Tom?, Blind Boone's Vision, Hagar in the Wilderness, and martha promise receives leadbelly, 1935. A man who truly paved the way for 21st century black writers, I'm honored to be able to post some of William S. Braithwaite poetry. Whenever you get a chance, do research, and you will find this brother accomplished so much, I for one will forever be grateful. WSB poems; Del Cascar, This is My Life, It's a Long Way, The House of Death, and Turn Me to My Yellow Leaves.

Now many of you, have heard of the Harlem Renaissance which was an Intellectual and cultural revival of African American music, dance, art, fashion, literature, theater, politics and scholarship. Many dynamic women contributed to the literature of this time. One of them was, Carrie W. Clifford. The sister was noted for being an author, clubwoman, and activist in the women's rights and civil rights movements in the United States. Like her male peers, poetry inspired such a writer to pen the following pieces: God, Quest, Poetry, Together, and The New Year. Also, Clara Ann Thompson was part of the in crowd. A teacher and civil rights advocate, she often enjoyed writing. Her poems allow one to go back in time. CAT poetry; Hope, Memorial Day, To My Dead Brother, Uncle Rube's Defense, and Johnny's Pet Superstition. This poet is no longer with us but know that Maya Angelou's poetry shall continue to touch the lives of many people, and poets alike. A few more pieces from our beloved queen; Kin, Awaking in New York, and On the Pulse of Morning. Another one of the greats, from the past, is Langston Hughes. His poetry speaks for itself, and still today many seek out such a unique flow; Aunt Sue's Stories, and Lament for Dark Peoples. At this moment, Quincy Troupe happens to be one of the elder statesman in poetry, and often associated with Black Arts Movement writers such as: Ishmael Reed, Wanda Coleman, Haki Madhubuti, Amiri Baraka, Nikki Giovanni, and the list goes on. The brother even today continues to breathe poetry; I encourage all to read more of his work: Amnesia #1, Sonic Fireflies, and Amnesia #3: Photographs & Videos. Before I wrap up this site update, I must mention poet Georgia Douglas Johnson. One of the earliest female African American playwrights, and an important figure of the Harlem Renaissance. Georgia is a prime example of what can happen, if one doesn't allow society, to limit your shine. More of GDJ poetry; Moods, Brotherhood, and Homing Braves... Do continue to stop by and take in the work of amazing poets, while adding your poetry to the legacy of Black Literature... Have a nice day. Mr. Africa - February 1, 2022

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